Murmure Paris

My name is Clemence and I am a marketing consultant, jewellery designer, Art lover, beauty seeker, day dreamer… And especially, I am a collector!

I thought I would share my obsessions with you and give the latest updates on the fashion wonderland. This blog is also about social&cultural scene, music, photography, minerals… Ah yes, minerals! I am obsessed with gemstones! That why I started designing pieces of jewellery in the first place.

I get my inspiration from my friends, other blogs, exhibits, music&movies and of course Pinterest! You’ll often see a beautiful photo combined with a gemstone – That’s my way of seeing things. I find their shades fascinating and I love to contrast textures, patterns, shades…

I discovered blogs and thought it was the best way to express my passion. I love the interaction with readers, artists, designers, other bloggers. It is really exciting to build a collection, and share thoughts, good addresses, style advice, inspiration…

Murmure Paris is a collection of what influences my personal style and I hope it will inspire you. Welcome to my little wonderland!